Get your puppy off to a great start in life. They will learn socialization with both humans and dogs and get to play on and with a variety of equipment. Meanwhile, you have an opportunity to learn more about training and caring for you puppy, as well as an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.



From the very basics of beginner obedience all the way through to competition level, there is a class for you at QCDTC!



An ability to practice your obedience skills in a more relaxed environment, as you lead your dog through a signed course.



Whether you are an experienced dog show competitor or a complete novice, learn to handle your dog in breed competition. Hands-on classes teach presentation skills, ring procedure and tips to help you and your dog win.


Scent Work

Have you ever wanted to reward your dog for everything they give back to you? Discover the sport of Scent Work, where in this low impact activity, dogs of every age, shape, and size use their amazing sense of smell to accomplish tasks, burn off physical and mental energy, and build confidence. Together you and your dog will learn to successfully work with each other as a team. Whether just for fun or also to compete in trials, you will TRULY have a blast while you learn to read your dogs behavior as they communicate back to you in a fun and rewarding atmosphere.



Dogs that love to go through tunnels and over jumps and obstacles can learn all the skills involved from absolute beginner all the way through to competition level.

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